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Grant McGrathis a visual artist from Belmont, California currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Grant works in mediums of acrylic and charcoal. Thematically he is restless, but always led by a deep curiosity for understanding the driving emotional, social, and industrial forces of our civilization.  He focuses on the representation of emotions and intimate details of the human existence and experience. By deconstructing and recreating subjects with intentional obscurity, he invites the viewer to reflect and discover their own interpretations of his work.

Drawing from his own emotional quarry and cultural, political, and social currents, Grant’s work combines and ranges from geometric forms and expressions to more specific stories and moments. Often in his work, polarity between the procedural logic and the spontaneously chaotic consciousness appears as a mix of angular, exact lines in charcoal and flowing curves in acrylic.

In his approach to the canvas, the absence of a strictly defined plan allows for the battle with discovery to unfold in the moment. The dynamic fluidity— and at times, struggle— gives way to confrontation of geometric, structured forms with flowing, edgeless elements that take shape organically. Grant often use drafting techniques and tools to achieve the machine-like geometric structures, while simultaneously using forceful and unrestrained strokes with the palette scraper in direct opposition to the exact lines.  

His roots in visual expression stem from his father, an architect and builder, who gave Grant drawing lessons as a child. Grant is self-taught, taking inspiration and guidance from many forms of visual art including film, industrial design, fashion photography, comic books and record covers. Among many others, he sites Pablo Picasso and German Expressionists like Max Beckman, Franz Marc and Lyonel Feininger as highly influential to his work.

Grant worked for over 10 years in advertising, first as a database developer then art director. In 2017 he transitioned to focus his full energy on painting. 

He is available for private or public commissions and exhibition opportunities in the US or internationally. 

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